Houston Mental Health Institute

Lifelong Learning Strategies



The Houston Mental Health Institute (HMHI) is a leading provider of adult education for mental health professionals, paraprofessionals, and professional business people seeking to enhance their career.  HMHI knows your free time and leisure activities are important. As a result, we offer a diverse range of educational services to meet the educational, cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of our clients. Whether you are looking to meet or exceed new professional goals, reinforce current knowledge, or learn how to interact different with colleagues or the public, HMHI can help.


HMHI was established to provide tactile skill enhancement through peer review and audiovisual feedback.  Our learning labs are geared to help today’s business professional build on their present knowledge base, and fine-tune newly developed skills.


Shed the stress and worry of everyday life in today’s business environment, and enjoy a fantastic educational opportunity by attending one of our intimate, highly interact workshops or seminars. Start by contacting HMHI today.