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Free Puzzle Games

Looking to stretch your brain, test your vocabulary, and take on special challenges with uniquely designed word games that also teach?  The perfect word game puzzles that entertain and educate are at your fingertips.

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DSM-5 Training Modules

How familiar are you with the new DSM-5?  The new mental health reference manual for mental health professionals is on its 5th generation.  The complexity of the new DSM concepts and established ideas can be best understood by using our DSM-5 training modules.  Use the DSM-5 Training Module to learn or reinforce your understanding of DSM-5 disorders.

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Practice Exams

HMHI can help you achieve your goal of passing most licensing exams in the field of mental health. Our online psychology preparation quizzes, tests, and flashcards will prepare you for most licensing exams. Exam preparation is free, and feedback is immediate.  Try our interactive exams today!

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